Talita Cumi Learning Center

Maroly D.
What we did together:
To create a place where people could easily donate and learn more about their purpose.
Their purpose:
Talita Cumi is a non-profit organization that helps children and teens in vulnerable situations get access to free education. They are able to learn at their own pace, without stress or comparisons.
The branding and web design process for our non-profit was AWESOME. Mara and Mario had a deep understanding of our mission and worked tirelessly to ensure that our branding accurately reflected our values.

Maroly D.
Talita Cumi Learning Center

Words of wisdom for future purpose sprouters:

"Not only did they take our vision and transform it into a reality, but they also had great ideas and insights to make the website even better than what I had imagined. My advice: don't hesitate to hire Mara and Mario. They'll take your project to the next level!"
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