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Finance for Kids

Kids Money Academy

"Mara brought my vision to life! I literally vaguely tell her what I want and she just does her magic. The Budget Workbook for Teens is like no other in the market!"
Dee K.
Kids Money Academy's Purpose
Kids Money Academy helps parents raise money-smart kids. Their resources help teach how to raise millionaire kids with generous and grateful hearts!

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What was it like working with Mara and Mario?

I literally just vaguely tell Mara what I want in my workbook or worksheets and she imagines it and brings it to life. Everything was so easy and it's always simple to start a new project.

Any words of wisdom for people who want to get started on their Digital Product Design, Workbook Design?

Mara and Mario really know their stuff! I never thought my workbooks and freebies could look so amazing. If you're on the fence, just do it! They will save you so much time from trying to DIY it and you'll end up with a professional, beautiful product.
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