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"My friends looked at my website and said “THIS IS SO YOU!” Mara and Mario created my lovely branding and website which has made creating social media posts and designing my products so much easier and fun! I highly recommend them!"
Theresa Petzold
Cheerful Careers's Purpose
Cheerful Careers exists so young people and mums can understand and celebrate that it is absolutely possible to build a happy career. They create optimism and allow them to see the exciting possibilities beyond the challenges.

Our project goal:

Our goal for this project was to create a brand and website that would make it easy for Theresa to share her knowledge, trainings, sell her digital products, and connect with her audience in a deeper and more professional way.

What was it like working with Mara and Mario?

It was really fun and so organized. I actually loved the workbooks... They were so reassuring! I really liked the system: It brought out all the stuff that I couldn’t put into words myself! When I looked at it I said “Oh this looks so pretty, this is what I want!” If someone had asked me: What do you want on your website? I wouldn’t have known what I wanted it to say. Mara and Mario’s process made it so easy!

Any words of wisdom for people who want to get started on their Branding, Web Design?

If you're at the stage where it’s a mental block, just DO IT! It makes all the other stuff easier and it takes the load off your mind. For me, it was like “I could learn how to do this…” but that was more of a hurdle than anything else. Once I made the decision it was such a weight off my mind and it was such a fun and exciting process! The investment is definitely worth it because it frees you up to do other stuff that you love to do!
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