We’re Mara and Mario

Married and a little kooky… In the best of ways. We’re passionate about seeing people shining in their purpose and we’re on a mission to help them get there.

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Who we are

Our Story

Since meeting in 2014, we’ve always been passionate about people exploring their creativity and passions– and what could be better than using that to create a wonderful purpose-driven business?


B.A. Industrial Design
M.a. educational psychology
M.a. Management

100% you’ll find her on her desk with an Earl Grey tea (with a touch of milk) and laughing at cat videos.

She’s a wife, an avid reader, and a lover of traveling and sushi.

Since she could talk, she developed a love for education and making complicated things easy through design.


B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
M.Sc. Production and Operations Management

If he’s not at his desk mastering data, he’s most likely organizing drawers, watching football (soccer) master plays, or putting a team together to go play some sport (any sport).

He’s a husband, team player and a total foodie. Mario has a patience level of 10,000 and his special superpower is inhaling extra-complicated processes and finding exactly where to improve them.

What our Clients Think

Our Purpose Sprouters

The branding and web design process for our non-profit was AWESOME. Mara and Mario had a deep understanding of our mission and worked tirelessly to ensure that our branding accurately reflected our values.

Maroly D.

Talita Cumi Training Center

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do and REALLY put it into a vision, goals, and words… But I feel like I’m really understanding my Why and where I want to go and you have captured it so well it gives me goosebumps!

Carrie S.

Financial Freedom Evolution

Mara brought my vision to life! I literally vaguely tell her what I want and she just does her magic. The Budget Workbook for Teens is like no other in the market! Everything was so easy and it’s always simple to start a new project.

Dee K.

Kids Money Academy

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