Let’s design your purpose-filled

We design the tools you need to change the world with your family-centered business. We also teach you how to manage and scale it by yourself.

Get to know us

Engineer + Designer =

Resourcefulness and Creativity at its finest!

We are Mara & Mario, and we are passionate about helping purposeful businesses sprout and grow.

We work together to give your business the perfect combo of design and function.

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Don’t let tech get in the way of your purpose!


You’re a service-based business and want clients to find and book you through your website?


You’re an entrepreneur with a digital course or products and the tech part gives you headaches?

We’ve got you!

Start running your business like a BOSS!

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What we’re awesome at

Mara is an Industrial Designer with an undying love for tech. She’s a complete perfectionist and an expert at translating information into a beautiful and flowy design. She loves giving your clients an exceptionally visual and flawless experience.

Mario excels at making complex processes easy. As an Industrial Engineer, he is always thinking about the optimization of ALL things. His curiosity is never-ending and he will ALWAYS find a solution to everything.

Let’s turn your ideas to action.

Choose your own adventure! You can mix and match our services or pick them all depending on what your business needs and how quickly you want to be in full control of your growth.


You’ve got 1.5 seconds to catch your client’s attention. That’s only possible by giving your company a visual essence.

We translate your ideas and vision to achieve that! Your branding includes in-depth research of your value proposition, logo, color palette, and more.

web design

Every business looking to thrive in the digital world MUST have a website. We believe in a hands-off experience for both you and your clients.

Generate leads easily and let them purchase your services, schedule a call, or buy your courses while you sleep!

digital asset design

Got an idea for an awesome digital product or freebie?

Do you want a workbook to accompany your amazing new course?

We help you translate your idea into a beautiful design that’s easy to follow, and that will keep your clients coming back.

Strategy consulting

You feel overwhelmed by the digital world. Don’t worry,  no person was born knowing everything!

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you by taking you through your current website, defining your perfect lead magnet, or even improving your client workflow on a service you already provide!

A glance at our process

Show us your vision


We want to know what your brand needs.

We’ll hop on a quick call and where we’ll go through your offerings and what your vision is! Don’t worry if you’re unsure… We know what questions to ask to really nail down what your business needs! 

Get your custom proposal


We break down all the recommendations we have for you and send over a proposal that will 100% adapt to what your business needs.

You’ll also get our contract, invoice, and timeline. BAM! You’re on our design calendar!

We design, you relax!


We’ll go in a deep-dive of what your business wants and needs… And we’ll get to work!

Our goal is for you to be in complete control of your business. We’ll give you the tools and training to totally be in charge of your business.

We do the hard stuff so you can DO WHAT YOU LOVE.


Look at some of our awesome success stories!

Dee K. 

Kids Money Academy

What we did together:
Workbooks + Digital Product Design + Freebie Design

Carrie Sullivan

Financial Freedom Evolution 

What we did together:
Branding + Web Design + Email Marketing Automation + Workflow Design

Mara Durán

Mara Durán, Psychology and Human Development

What we did together:
Branding + Web Design

Maroly D.

Talita Cumi (Non-Profit)

What we did together:
Branding + Web Design

The FAQs

Need some more answers? Look no further!

Can we JUST do a logo?

Logos are MUCH MORE than just a pretty icon. All of our logo designs include our Partial Branding Package which is an incredibly useful toolkit to set your business up for success!

We’ll work on your vision, brand mood, and set the tone for all your future visual communication. You’ll have your 100% custom-crafted logo, a full brandboard, and a clear path to scale your brand.

Partial Branding is GREAT for business owners that have been in business for 0-2 years and need to refine their visual communication.
Partial Branding starts at $600 USD.

Can we do ONLY the website?

We only offer website design to any businesses that have a full brandboard (logo included) or to any of our previous branding or partial branding clients. Get in touch so we can talk further about this!

How can we get started?

Fill out an inquiry form! We’ll then set a date for a quick Discovery Call in which we’ll talk aaaall about your amazing vision. Once that’s done, we’ll send over a proposal, contract, and timeline 100% tailored to your unique needs. We can save your spot for 7 days.

Once the retainer is paid you’re officially on the design calendar!

What is the process like?

All projects are wonderfully unique. We go in-depth into your vision to create something fantastically you. We’ll be sharing info through virtually-fillable workbooks that you can take anywhere you take your phone or laptop.

Most importantly: We work with color and conversion psychology.  You’re not just getting a pretty project… You’re ALSO getting a functional project that WILL attract your dream clients!

Do you design digital products?

You’re at precisely the RIGHT place! Mara is an Industrial Designer with a Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogy. She is an expert at making information come together in a beautiful and easy-to-understand layout.

We get in the mind of your clients to build out the perfect digital product or freebie offer!
Digital products start at $300 USD

What will you build my website on?

We use self-hosted WordPress with our website builds. We LOVE WordPress because it’s super easy to manage AND it gives our clients the flexibility to grow and scale as their business develops.

Don’t worry, with any web design package you’ll receive the training you’ll need to manage and tweak it yourself! No more money going out for minor modifications that you need on your website.

How much are your maintenance fees?

Our ideal maintenance fee is a beautiful amount of $0.

We understand small businesses and we want YOU to be in FULL control of your finances. We want you to STOP your recurring expenses!

Our web + branding services include the training you need so that you’ll be able to add, modify, and tweak your website as your heart desires without having to spend a single cent more!

Of course, if you need us to do anything on else your site that you’re not comfortable with, you can hire us at our $100 USD hourly rate (clients have different preferential pricing).

What is the usual timeline?

All projects we take on are so different, so naturally, all timelines are different as well!

You can expect to have your finalized project within 4-10 weeks after we have all the info we need to start designing.

Where are you based?

We serve clients all around the globe!

We are based in Germany, come from Mexico, and have lived in the USA, Italy, France, and Canada. (Can speak all these languages too!)

Our Purpose

We believe there is no sense in doing anything in life if it’s not to fulfill a deeper purpose. To give back and be fully thankful for our blessings and opportunities, a portion of the profit of our love-filled work goes to these beautiful organizations.

We will always confirm and enforce that education is the key to a better world.

Talita Cumi is a loving organization that gives free education to kids in the foster system or with special needs.

They teach through faith and play to ensure a well-rounded and purpose-filled education.

Life is a gift from God that needs to be cared for in all of its stages.

Alamor is a day activity home for the lovely elderly of Guadalajara, Mexico. They specialize in custom care based on play and values to support seniors through medical, psychological, and physical care.

In Alamor, they keep their mind active and their hearts full!

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